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Bing Sneaking On Google Search Results

July 30, 2016

Is Bing copying search results from Google? This question was raised many times, but Bing denied that they do not copy any data from Google. Many people noticed that some results are same on Bing that was searched on Google. 

Is Bing Sneaking On Google

It all started in 2010 when Google begun to check Bing results and at that point, Bing keeps on denying copying the search results. The latest research done by Google show clearly that Bing is copying results from Google. It is not bad to use one search engine to show up, but it is when you deny the fact that you don’t use their technology to show results.

Googles Experiments on Bing

Google conducted some experiments that show how Bing is copying data from Google. Now it is proven that Google leads the market with search results, and even Bing is copying their technology. Google already the market leader, but it is unethical to copy other search engine data.Bing Powered By Google?

I think if Bing shows the sign that Bing-powered by Google, then there would be no problem. They can also put a disclaimer that some of the results are taken from Google to enhance their search results. It will increase Google’s popularity even more, and the news was coming recently that Bing has gained the market share, but on this news would you use Google or Bing?

Questions Raised on Bings Activities

There are the lot of questions raised that is Google going to file a lawsuit against Bing, or either there would be any settlement. Well! Google is generous most of the times and lets us wait for Bing reply. You can read the full story on Official Google Blog here.

This news will certainly effect Bing popularity because there is no point of using Bing if Google provides the search results. However, if Bing agrees to display Search Results Powered by Google, then they might get more market share.

Bing Did Not Accept the Claims - Not Officially 

Bing did not officially accept the statement, but they have denied in the past that they never copy Google’s search results. We need to wait for the Bing reply on this news and what will they respond.P.S: The research shows that Bing only copies some parts of Google search results not all the results! Do not get confused!

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